Annona senegalensis
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Annona senegalensis Pers.
English: wild custard apple
senegalensis,-is,-e; : from Senegal, W. Africa, or found there for the first time
ID recognized genus:815
recognized genus:Annona L.
ID species:66415
ID basionym:66415

heterotypic synonyms:
Annona arenaria Schum. & Thonn.; Annona chrysophylla Bojer; Annona porpetac Boivin ex Baillon; Anona porpetae Boivin;

protologue: Syn. Pl. 2: 95 (1806)

protologue (title page): Persoon, , Synopsis plantarum, vol. 2 (1807)

    79645 Annona senegalensis Pers.
    B. Delessert, A.P. de Candolle, Icon. Select. Pl., vol. 1: t. 86 (1820)
    344691 Annona senegalensis Pers.
    T.R. Sim, Forest Fl. Port. E. Afr., t. 1, fig. A (1909)
    406701 Annona senegalensis Pers. [Annona arenaria Schum. & Thonn.]
    Adansonia, sér. 2, vol. 2(1): , fig. 7.3 ()

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