Matricaria matricarioides
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Matricaria matricarioides (Less.) Porter
English: pineapple weed, scented mayweed, weed pineapple
matricarioides; from Matricaria, genus (Compositae), and Gr. -oides, suffix indicating resemblance: species resembling Matricaria(q.v.)
ID recognized genus:3026
recognized genus:Matricaria L.
ID species:647701
ID basionym:92298

homotypic synonyms:
Artemisia matricarioides Less.; Cotula matricarioides (Less.) Bong.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Anthemis inconspicua Fischer ex Herder; Chamomilla discoidea (DC.) ex A.Braun; Chamomilla suaveolens (Pursh) Rydb.; Chrysanthemum discodes (DC.); Matricaria discoidea DC.; Matricaria graveolens (Pursh) Asch.; Matricaria suaveolens (Pursh) Buchenau; Santolina suaveolens Pursh; Tanacetum suaveolens (Pursh) Hook.;

protologue: Mem. Torrey Bot. Club 5 : 341 (1894)

protologue (title page): , vol.

    137589 Matricaria matricarioides (Less.) Porter [Matricaria discoidea DC.]
    , vol. 20: t. 1597 ()
    304111 Matricaria matricarioides (Less.) Porter [Matricaria discoidea DC.]
    , (1897)
    57382 Matricaria matricarioides (Less.) Porter [Tanacetum suaveolens (Pursh) Hook.]
    W.J. Hooker, Fl. Bor.-Amer. (Hooker), vol. 1: t. 110 (1829) [W.J. Hooker]

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