Chrysophyllum roxburghii
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Chrysophyllum roxburghii G. Don
English: Caimito, Pitakara, star apple
roxburghii; from Roxburgh; named after William Roxburgh (1751-1815), physician, who entered the British East Indian Company in 1776, was director of botanical garden at Calcutta from 1793-1814, very deserved writer on the flora of British India. His principal work, the excellent Flora Indica was published not until after his death. (orthografie?!)
ID recognized genus:8052
recognized genus:Chrysophyllum L.
ID species:241057
ID basionym:241057

homotypic synonyms:
Donella roxburghii (G. Don) Pierre ex Lecomte;
heterotypic synonyms:
Chrysophyllum acuminatum Roxb.; Chrysophyllum bancanum Miq.; Chrysophyllum dioicum Koord. & Valeton; Chrysophyllum javanicum Steudel; Chrysophyllum lanceolatum (Blume) A. DC.; Chrysophyllum pentagonum Hance; Chrysophyllum roxburghianum Speede; Chrysophyllum sumatranum Miq.; Donella lanceolata (Blume) Aubrév.; Lucuma lanceolata (Blume) Zipp.; Lucuma tomentosa Zipp.; Nycterisition lanceolatum Blume;

protologue: Gen. Hist. 4: 33 (1837)

protologue (title page): Don, , A general history of the dichlamydeous plants, vol. 4 (1838)

    276836 Chrysophyllum roxburghii G. Don
    , vol. 4: t. 616 () [M. Mangoendimedjo]
    291525 Chrysophyllum roxburghii G. Don
    W. Cooper, W.T. Cooper, Fruits Austral. Trop. Rainforest, p. 505, fig. 1 (2004) [W.T. Cooper]
    193271 Chrysophyllum roxburghii G. Don
    R.H. Beddome, Fl. Sylv. S. India, vol. 2: t. 236 (1869-1874) [Govindoo]
    43492 Chrysophyllum roxburghii G. Don [Donella lanceolata var. malagassica Aubrév.]
    Fl. Madag., Marattiacées, vol. 164: p. 119 (1974) [J. Saussotte-Guérel]

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