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Cephalanthera damasonium (Miller) Druce
English: White Helleborine, white helleborine
Damasonium; : latinisation of the ancient Greek plantname damasonion, a synonym of Alisma (q.v.). The word may be connected with the Greek daman, to curb, control; and would then allude to the fact that the plant was regarded as an antidote against the poison of toads and sea-hares.
ID recognized genus:10703
recognized genus:Cephalanthera Rich.
ID species:222319
ID basionym:939874

homotypic synonyms:
Serapias damasonium Miller;
heterotypic synonyms:
Cephalanthera alba (Crantz) Simonk.; Cephalanthera lancifolia (F.W.Schmidt) Dumort.; Cephalanthera latifolia Janch.; Cephalanthera lonchophyllum Rchb. f.; Cephalanthera ochroleuca (Baumg.) Rchb.; Cephalanthera yunnanensis Hand.-Mazz.; Cymbidium pallens Sw.; Epipactis alba Crantz; Epipactis lancifolia F.W.Schmidt; Epipactis ochroleuca Baumg.; Serapias alba (Crantz) Salisb.; Serapias grandiflora Oeder; Serapias lancifolia (F.W.Schmidt) Roth; Serapias latifolia Miller; Serapias ochroleuca (Baumg.) Steudel; Serapias pallens (Sw.) S.B.Jundz.; Serapias tota-alba Gilib.;

protologue: Ann. Scott. Nat. Hist. 1906: 225 (1906)

protologue (title page): , vol.

    289633 Cephalanthera damasonium (Miller) Druce
    , t. 26, fig. F () [B. Everard]
    304021 Cephalanthera damasonium (Miller) Druce
    Naturalis: ()
    131670 Cephalanthera damasonium (Miller) Druce [Cephalanthera alba (Crantz) Simonk.]
    C.A.M. Lindman, Bilder Nordens Fl., vol. 2: t. 414 (1922-1926)
    391220 Cephalanthera damasonium (Miller) Druce [Cephalanthera yunnanensis Hand.-Mazz.]
    H. Handel-Mazzetti, V. F. Brotherus, Symb. Sin., vol. 7: p. 1342, fig. 41.14,15 (1929-1937)
    150490 Cephalanthera damasonium (Miller) Druce [Epipactis alba Crantz]
    M. Schulze, Orch. Deutschl., t. 56 (1894)
    108435 Cephalanthera damasonium (Miller) Druce [Serapias grandiflora Oeder]
    G.C. Oeder, Fl. Dan., fasicle 9, t. 506 (1761-1883)
    138889 Cephalanthera damasonium (Miller) Druce [Serapias latifolia Miller]
    B. Bessler, Hort. Eystett., vol. 1: Nonus ordo collectarum plantarum vernalium, t. 133, fig. II (1620) [B. Besler]

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