Billardiera cymosa
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Billardiera cymosa F. Muell.
English: orange bell climber, orange bell creeper, sweet apple berry
cymosus,-a,-um; from L. cyma, cyme: with flowers produced in cymes, with cymose inflorescences
ID recognized genus:6731
recognized genus:Billardiera Sm.
ID species:144052
ID basionym:144052

homotypic synonyms:
Billardiera cymosa var. sericophora (F. Muell.) Benth.;

protologue: Trans. & Proc. Philos. Inst. Victoria 1: 29 (1855)

protologue (title page): , vol.

    405278 Billardiera cymosa F. Muell.
    W.W. Saunders, H.G.R. Reichenbach, J.G. Baker, Refug. Bot., vol. 1: t. 25 (1869)

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