Bidens frondosa
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Bidens frondosa L.
English: large beggar ticks, sticktight
frondosus,-a,-um; from L. frondosus (from L. frons (frondis), frond, leaf, also forhead, face), leafy, leaf-like, with well developed leaves, full of leaves
ID recognized genus:3311
recognized genus:Bidens L.
ID species:142265
ID basionym:142265

heterotypic synonyms:
Bidens melanocarpa Wiegand;

protologue: Sp. Pl. 2: 832 (1753)

protologue (title page): Linnaeus, C., Species plantarum, vol. 2 (1753)

    140695 Bidens frondosa L.
    , vol. 1: p. 296, t. 89 ()
    206564 Bidens frondosa L.
    Helen Sharp, Water-color Sketches Amer. Pl., (1888-1910) [Helen Sharp]

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