Acer tataricum
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Acer tataricum L.
English: amur mapple, Tatarian mapple
tataricus,-a,-um; : From L. Tataria, Tartary, Russia-Mongolia, or found there for the first time
ID recognized genus:575
recognized genus:Acer L.
ID species:10423
ID basionym:10423

heterotypic synonyms:
Acer cordifolium Moench;

protologue: Sp. Pl. 2: 1054 (1753)

protologue (title page): Linnaeus, C., Species plantarum, vol. 2 (1753)

    48132 Acer tataricum L.
    F.L. Krebs, Vollst. Beschr. Holzart., t. 4 (1826) [Ochme u Mueller lit]
    250372 Acer tataricum L.
    H.L. Duhamel du Monceau, Traité arbr. arbust., ed. 2, vol. 4: t. 9 (1800-1803) [P.J. Redouté]
    188204 Acer tataricum L.
    , vol. 1: t. 2 ()
    171053 Acer tataricum L.
    P.S. Pallas, Fl. Ross., vol. 1(1): p. 9, t. 3 (1784-1788) [K.F. Knappe]
    152420 Acer tataricum L.
    F.B. Vietz, Icones Pl. Med.-Oecon., vol. 3: t. 230a (1800) [F.B. Vietz]
    345223 Acer tataricum L.
    F. Guimpel, F. Otto, F.G. Hayne, Abbild. Fremd. Holzart., t. 47 (1809-1829) [F. Guimpel]
    395411 Acer tataricum L.
    J.S. Kerner, Abbild. Oekon. Pfl., vol. 7: t. 608 (1786-1798)
    71324 Acer tataricum L.
    J.C. Krauss, Afb. Boom. Heest., t. 124 (1840) [J.C. Krauss]
    369853 Acer tataricum L.
    Novi Comment. Acad. Sci. Imp. Petrop., vol. 2: t. 13 (1747-1775)
    197936 Acer tataricum L. [Acer ginnala Maxim.]
    T. Nakai, Fl. Sylv. Kor., Aceraceae, vol. 1: t. 2 (1915-1939) [N. Nakai & S. Kamibayashi]

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