Aeschynanthus pulcher (Blume) G. Don | Trichosporum pulchrum Blume | Aeschynanthus boschianus Vriese |
ID illustration: 404007ID basionym cited:25183
ID publication: 1740ID species cited:25183
ID volume: 4284ID basionym recognized:1030353
ID genus cited: 4667ID species recognized:25367
ID genus recognized: 4667ID copy:

Portefeuille des horticulteurs, journal pratique des jardins (1847-1848)
Portef. Hort.

vol. 1 (1847)

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name recognized:
25367 Aeschynanthus pulcher (Blume) G. Don
name recognized (basionym):
1030353 Trichosporum pulchrum Blume

name cited:
25183 Aeschynanthus boschianus Vriese


family: Gesneriaceae
subfamily: Didymocarpoideae
epithet cited:

epithet recognized:
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum

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U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
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homotypic synonyms:
Trichosporum pulchrum Blume;
heterotypic synonyms:
Aeschynanthus beccarii C.B. Clarke; Aeschynanthus boschianus Vriese; Aeschynanthus javanicus Hook.; Aeschynanthus lampongus Miq.; Aeschynanthus lanceolatus Ridley; Aeschynanthus lobbianus Hook.; Aeschynanthus neesii Zoll. & Moritzi; Aeschynanthus parvifolius R. Br.; Aeschynanthus zollingeri C.B. Clarke; Trichosporum beccarii (C.B. Clarke) Kuntze; Trichosporum javanicum (Hook.) Kuntze; Trichosporum lampongum (Miq.) Burkill; Trichosporum lobbianum (Hook.) Kuntze; Trichosporum parvifolium (R. Br.) Kuntze; Trichosporum zollingeri (C.B. Clarke) Kuntze;
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6 25367 Aeschynanthus pulcher (Blume) G. Don (Blume) G. Don [Aeschynanthus boschianus Vriese]
Portef. Hort., vol. 1 : (1847-1848) [Maubert]