Carica papaya L. [ Carica pyriformis Willd.]
Gay, C., Historia fysica y politica de Chile, Botanica [Flora Chilena], Atlas (coloured version) (1844-1871)
Fl. Chil., Atlas [coloured version]

vol. 1 (1854)
t. 25 (1854)
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Carica papaya L.

name cited:
Carica pyriformis Willd.
name recognized:
Carica papaya L.
drawing: C. Gay
family: Caricaceae
epithet cited: pyriformis,-is,-e

epithet recognized: papaya

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National Library of Chile
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homotypic synonyms:
Papaya papaya (L.) H. Karst.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Carica bourgeaui Solms; Carica citriformis J.Jacq. ex Sprengel; Carica citriformis Jacq.; Carica cubensis Solms; Carica hermaphrodita Blanco; Carica jamaicensis Urban; Carica jimenezii Bertoni; Carica mamaya Vell.; Carica papaya Sessé & Moc.; Carica peltata Hook. & Arn.; Carica pinnatifida Heilborn; Carica portoricensis Urban; Carica posoposa L.; Carica pyriformis Willd.; Carica rochefortii Solms; Carica sativa Tussac; Papaya bourgeaei (Solms) Kuntze; Papaya carica Gaertn.; Papaya cimarrona Sint. ex Kuntze; Papaya citriformis (Jacq.) A. DC.; Papaya communis Noronha; Papaya cubensis (Solms) Kuntze; Papaya cucumerina Noronha; Papaya edulis Bojer; Papaya hermaphrodita Blanco; Papaya peltata (Hook. & Arn.) Kuntze; Papaya pyriformis Baill.; Papaya rochefortii (Solms) Kuntze; Papaya sativa Tuss.; Papaya vulgaris A. DC.; Vasconcellea peltata (Hook. & Arn.) A. DC.;
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6 205571 Carica papaya L.
C. Gay, Fl. Chil., Atlas [coloured version], vol. 1 : t. 25 (1854) [C. Gay]