Sinningia pusilla (Mart.) Baillon | Tapina pusilla Mart. |
ID illustration: 290269ID basionym cited:997120
ID publication: 4231ID species cited:949960
ID volume: 0ID basionym recognized:997120
ID genus cited: 4758ID species recognized:949960
ID genus recognized: 4758ID copy:

Everard, B., Wild flowers of the world (1970)
Wild Fl. World

t. 185 f. D
name recognized (= name cited):
949960 Sinningia pusilla (Mart.) Baillon
name recognized (basionym):
997120 Tapina pusilla Mart.

B. Everard
family: Gesneriaceae
subfamily: Gesnerioideae
tribe: Sinningieae

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homotypic synonyms:
Ligeria pusilla (Mart.) Hanst.; Tapeinotes pusilla (Mart.) DC.; Tapina pusilla Mart.;
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Sinningia pusilla (Mart.) Baillon
Wild Fl. World: t. 185, fig. D () [B. Everard]