Coryphantha erecta | Mammillaria erecta Lemaire |

ID illustration: 199247
ID publication: 377
ID volume: 4787

garden (1872-1927)
The Garden

vol. 14 (1878)
ID species cited: 638942
species cited: Mammillaria erecta Lemaire
ID basionym cited: 638942
basionym cited: Mammillaria erecta Lemaire
ID species recognized: 278424
species recognized: Coryphantha erecta
ID basionym recognized: 0
basionym recognized: 0
name cited:

garden, vol. 14: 395 (1871)

family: Cactaceae
subfamily: Cactoideae
tribe: Cacteae


Illustration contributed by:
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, U.S.A.

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    Coryphantha erecta (Lemaire ex Pfeiff.) Lemaire [Mammillaria erecta Lemaire]
    garden, vol. 14: 395 (1871)