Pinus pinaster | Pinus maritima Lam. |
ID illustration: 194324ID basionym cited:794646
ID publication: 3853ID species cited:794646
ID volume: 5439ID basionym recognized:794980
ID genus cited: 11545ID species recognized:794980
ID genus recognized: 11545

Orbigny, C.V.D. d’ , Dictionnaire universel d’histoire naturelle, plates vol. 3 (1841-1849)
Dict. Univ. Hist. Nat.

: )
t. 14[Dicotyl
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name recognized:
794980 Pinus pinaster

name cited:
794646 Pinus maritima Lam.
family: Pinaceae
epithet cited:

epithet recognized:

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Library of Congress, U.S.A.
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heterotypic synonyms:
Pinus corteana Beissn.; Pinus detritis Carrière; Pinus glomerata Salisb.; Pinus helenica K. Koch; Pinus lemoniana Benth.; Pinus maritima Lam.; Pinus minor Loudon; Pinus monspeliensis Salzm. ex Duval-Jouve; Pinus neglecta H.Low ex Gordon; Pinus nigrescens Ten.; Pinus nova-zelandica Lodd. ex G. Don; Pinus sancta-helenica Loudon ex Carrière; Pinus scarina Steudel; Pinus syrtica Thore;
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Pinus pinaster Aiton [Pinus maritima Lam.]
C.V.D. d’ Orbigny, Dict. Univ. Hist. Nat., t. 14[Dicotylédones 29] (1841-1849) [Maubert]