Caladium bicolor (Aiton) Vent. | Arum bicolor Aiton | Caladium bicolor var. (K. Koch & Fint.) Engl. | - |
ID illustration: 157920ID basionym cited:-1
ID publication: 1606ID species cited:173655
ID volume: 4128ID basionym recognized:94075
ID genus cited: 9369ID species recognized:173595
ID genus recognized: 9369ID copy:

Rothschild, J., plantes a feuillage coloré [original ed. E.J. Lowe and W. Howard, Beautiful leaved plants (1861)] (1865)
Pl. Feuill. Col.

vol. 1 (1867)
t. 4
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name recognized:
173595 Caladium bicolor (Aiton) Vent.
name recognized (basionym):
94075 Arum bicolor Aiton

name cited:
173655 Caladium bicolor var. (K. Koch & Fint.) Engl.

name cited (basionym):
-1 -
cited variety: splendens

family: Araceae

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Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, U.K.
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homotypic synonyms:
Arum bicolor Aiton; Caladium bicolor (Aiton) Vent. 2;
heterotypic synonyms:
Alocasia rex N.E. Br.; Alocasia roezlii N.E. Br.; Arum pellucidum Fulchir ex Kunth; Arum pulchrum Salisb.; Arum vermitoxicum Vell.; Arum vermitoxicum Vell. ex Kunth; Caladium albopunctatissimum Jacob-Makoy ex Karsten; Caladium amoenum Engl.; Caladium appunianum Engl.; Caladium argyrospilum Lemaire; Caladium barraquinii Hérincq; Caladium barraquinii Lemaire; Caladium brongniartii Lemaire; Caladium chantinii Lemaire; Caladium concolor K. Koch; Caladium connaertii Engl.; Caladium curwadlii Engl.; Caladium devosianum Lemaire; Caladium discolor Engl.; Caladium duchartrei Engl.; Caladium dussii Sieber & Voss; Caladium eckhartii Lemaire ex Engl.; Caladium enkeanum K. Koch; Caladium firmulum Schott; Caladium gaerdtii K. Koch & Fint.; Caladium griseoargenteum Engl.; Caladium haageanum K. Koch; Caladium haematostigma Kunth; Caladium hendersonii Engl.; Caladium hortulanum Birdsey; Caladium hortulanum Bridsey; Caladium houbyanum Engl.; Caladium houlletii Lemaire; Caladium jacquinii Ten.; Caladium ketteleri Engl.; Caladium kochii K. Koch; Caladium kramerianum Engl.; Caladium laucheanum K. Koch; Caladium leopoldii Engl.; Caladium lindenii Engl.; Caladium macrophyllum Lemaire; Caladium marginatum K. Koch & C.D.Bouché; Caladium marmoratum Mathieu ex K. Koch; Caladium martersteigianum Engl.; Caladium medioradiatum L.Linden & Rodigas; Caladium mirabile Lemaire; Caladium mooreanum Engl.; Caladium neumannii Lemaire; Caladium ottonis Engl.; Caladium pallidinervium Engl.; Caladium pallidum K. Koch & C.D.Bouché; Caladium pellucidum DC.; Caladium perrieri Lemaire; Caladium pictum DC.; Caladium picturatum C. Koch; Caladium poecile Schott; Caladium punctatissimum Engl.; Caladium purdieanum Schott; Caladium pusillum K. Koch; Caladium regale Lemaire; Caladium reichenbachianum Stange ex Engl.; Caladium rougieri Verschaff.; Caladium rubellum K. Koch & Fint.; Caladium rubricaule Lemaire; Caladium rubrovenium Engl.; Caladium sagittifolium Sieber ex Engl.; Caladium sieboldii Engl.; Caladium sororium Schott; Caladium splendens K. Koch & Fint.; Caladium spruceanum Schott; Caladium stangeanum K. Koch; Caladium steudneriifolium Engl.; Caladium surinamense Miq.; Caladium thelemannii Verschaff.; Caladium thripedestum Lemaire; Caladium vellozianum Schott; Caladium verschaffeltii Lemaire; Caladium virens Sessé & Moc.; Caladium wagneri Engl.; Caladium wightii Lemaire;
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58 173595 Caladium bicolor (Aiton) Vent. (Aiton) Vent. [Caladium bicolor var. splendens (K. Koch & Fint.) Engl.]
J. Rothschild, Pl. Feuill. Col., vol. 1 : t. 4 (1867)