Columnea strigosa Benth. |
ID illustration: 104628ID basionym cited:265380
ID publication: 348ID species cited:265380
ID volume: 3514ID basionym recognized:265380
ID genus cited: 4681ID species recognized:265380
ID genus recognized: 4681ID copy:

Mutis, J.C., Drawings of the Royal Botanical Expedition to the new Kingdom of Granada (1783-1816)
Draw. Roy. Bot. Exped. Granada

t. 1726
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name recognized (= name cited):
265380 Columnea strigosa Benth.

M. Hinojosa
family: Gesneriaceae
subfamily: Gesnerioideae
tribe: Episcieae

Royal Botanical Garden, Madrid

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homotypic synonyms:
Pentadenia strigosa (Benth.) Hanst.;
heterotypic synonyms:
Columnea aurantiaca Decne. ex Planchon; Columnea campanulata Benth.; Columnea kucyniakii Raymond; Columnea macrantha Benth.; Columnea pichinchensis Hanst.; Pentadenia aurantiaca (Decne. ex Planchon) Hanst.;
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Columnea strigosa Benth.
J.C. Mutis, Draw. Roy. Bot. Exped. Granada: t. 1726 (1783-1816) [M. Hinojosa]